Talemaot Nius Leta - Septemba 2016

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On the 19th of July 2016, the distribution team travelled on MV Kalyara from Santo to Shepherds islands and Tafea province to distribute coconut seed nuts and root crops planting materials.

The core objectives of this program are to distribute improved planting materials of root crops, island cabbages, pineap-ple and peanuts and coconut seeds to the islands of Tafea and Shepherds to ensure that every household has access to sufficient planting material to rebuild their food security and to better improve their livelihoods.

The islands that benefitted from this activity are Erromango (Port-Narvin & Dillions bay), Tanna (Multiplication plot at Isangle Agriculture Station), Aneityum (Analcauhat & Port- Patrick), Futuna (Herold Bay & Mission Bay), Aniwa, Tongoariki, Buninga, Emae, Makira, Mataso and Tongoa island.

The total numbers of planting materials distributed to Tafea Province was 40,450. Then the total number of planting materials distributed to Shepherds Island was 28,847 .Firstly, there were 5,217 manioc planting materials, with 580 dis-tributed to Tongoa, 1,800 distributed to Tongoariki, 759 distributed to Buninga, 1,200 distributed to Emae, 738 distrib-uted to Makira and 140 distributed Mataso Island. Also there was a total of 5,325 pineapple planting materials, where 1,925 distributed to Tongoa and 3,400 distributed to Emae island. Five (5) bags of peanuts were also distributed to Emae island. Moreover, there were also coconut seed nuts of improved Vanuatu Tall variety of a total of 54,600 distrib-uted to Shefa province and Tafea province for both replanting and food security. The total of 48,560 were distributed purposely for replanting whilst 23,720 seed nuts were distributed to Shefa Province and 24,840 seed nuts distributed to Tafea Province. Then the total of 6,040 was distributed purposely for food security with 3,000 seed nuts distributed to Shefa Province and 3,040 seed nuts distributed to Tafea Province.

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Igat six selected famas raon long Vanuatu oli bin lego kantri long manis Julae blong go kasem fomal trening long ‘Agriculture Practi-cal Technology’, we ifokas plante long ol eria blong rice, vegetabol planting mo processing, agrikalja masineri mo fiseri in China.

Trening ia emi in line wetem niufala Agrikalja Sekta Polisi (2015-2030) objektif blong exten-sion mo training we i talem blong Vanuatu i mas gat qualified mo competent agrikalja workforce.
Wan long ol fama long grup ia hemi Hudson Mumeg blong Vanua Lava, we hemi gat wan bigfala farm blong 10 ha graon long home ae-lan blong hem mo hemi stap planem vege-tabols, banana mo ol rut krops afta we hemi attendem fes trening long China las yia. Hemi stap salem ol prodius blong hemi igo long provinsel senta blong Sola mo Arep Sekonderi Skul long Vanua Lava.
Insaed long grup tu igat fama Alfred Loli blong Pentecost we hemi base long Eton vilij long Efate; Barry Kalmet blong Pango vilij; wetem Leisei Pakoa mo Kalchira blong Imere Growers Association (IGA) long Mele vilij.

Wan lid fama blong VARTC mo DARD long aelan blong Ambae, James Vusilai tu hemi part long grup ia. Vusilae hemi stap holemtaet ol trial plot blong maniok, taro mo kumala long East Ambae we tufala institusen ia iputum wetem hem blong manejem mo distributem igo long ol nara fama.
DARD hemi stap wok klosap wetem ol fama ia finis mo i wantem equippem gud olgeta wetem moa save blong inkrisem prodaksen mo livelihood blong wanwan komuniti we oli kamaot long em.

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The Vanuatu government has directed all its departments responsible for administering various sectors to develop poli-cies giving clear direction to the development of the country. Since Independence, Vanuatu has operated without a proper Agriculture Sector Policy. Therefore, the Department of Ag-riculture and Rural Development (DARD) has taken up the lead role to develop the policy this year with initial funding support from UNDP, SPC and GIZ.

The first national inception workshop was staged in Port Vila at Holiday Inn Resort on the 3rd-4th April 2014.
Over two conceptualization workshops in September 2013 and February 2014, DARD officers developed the Draft Poli-cy Framework which was the basis for the program for the national inception workshop. The draft framework had iden-tified 13 thematic areas, although these areas are not fixed and feedback from the consultation process will determine final objectives, directives and strategies for the policy.


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Once every year on the 16th of October, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the Unit-ed nations celebrates World Food Day, the day on which the organization was founded in 1945. this day is meant to focus our attention on the efforts taking place worldwide towards eradicating hunger. It is indeed a special day for raising awareness of the many hunger and nutrition issues that affect every person worldwide and continues to remind us that we are united in our efforts. This year, the focus for World Food Day is “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutri-tion.” The theme aims to highlight the importance of food systems that can feed all people in a sustainable manner. As World Food Day events are celebrated around the world, FAO encourages everyone to think about and explore the various perspectives, priorities and feelings about the importance and the complex na-ture of food and nutrition security.


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Welcome everyone to the TALEMAOT Newsletter. This newsletter has been previously produced by the Agriculture Department to inform the Public of its activities carried out by and with its stakeholders in the is-lands. The Department felt that it is prime time for the paper to be re-released to inform the public of its new direction and priority activities for the future.

After more than 30 years since independence, the Department is now in the process of developing a National Agriculture Policy which will take into account all the stakeholders’ aspirations of the sector. The intention of the policy is to ensure that the PAA goal which is to ensure a healthy and wealthy Vanuatu is articulated into the Agriculture policy directives and strategies.

I hope that after the policy is developed, it will provide a clear pathway for Agriculture development in Vanuatu. I would like to take this op-portunity to thank all the donors and other Agriculture stakeholders who have seen the need for policy and are planning to assist us in this endeavor.



2018 Santo Agriculture Show

The Santo 2018 Agriculture show has been a success. All agricultural products were showcased during the event making the show very successful and attracts a lot of people from the four Northern provinces.

Sustainable agricultural crop production is very important for people's livelihood in terms of food security which means that people need to have food supplies available and stable to guarantee healthy living. 

 Regular farmer training is very important to equip farmers with useful skills and knowledge specifically in agriculture to help them better cultivate their farm land taking into account the importance of crop resilience due to frequent natural disasters.    

 Vanuatu has very important cash crops including kava, cocoa, coconut and coffee. These cash crops contribute greatly to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. To date there is an increase in kava production and a drop in copra production.