Peter Maho
Provincial Agriculture Officer
John Antas Vira
AAO, Sola Vanualava
Daniel Nenet
AAO, Gwetop, Gaua
Paul Harrison Nelou
AAO, Vanualava
Andrew Butu
Provincial Agriculture Officer
George K Tari
AAO Maewo
Turani Lui
AAO West Ambae
Justin Rahi
Agriculture Field Assistant
Taffan Ialilua
AAO, Ennar , Central Pentecost
Michel Lokre Yahwo
AAO South Pentecost
Nick Lingtamat
Provincial Agriculture Officer
Keren D Browny
Clerical Officer
Samuel Vakas
AAO South Malekula Hokai
Amson Willie
AAO Sw bay ,Sw Malekula
Willie Ben Temart
AAO Craig Cove West Ambrym
George Lintamat
AAO brenway North West B Malekula
Frank Ellison Charley
AAO North Ambrym
Sam Naiu
Provincial Agriculture Officer
Richard Narinam
AAO West Tanna
Isaac Iaruel
AAO North Tanna
Sam Naligo
Agriculture Field Assistant
Mike Jimmy Nakapue
AAO Aneityum
Samuel Neptuni
AAO Erromango
Anne Marie Jimmy
Clerical Officer
David Nako
Tractor Driver
George Lava
Nursery Worker Tafea
Willie Iau
Provincial Agriculture Officer
Keith Amos
Agriculture Field Assistant
Stephen Natigo
Agriculture Field Assistant
John Willie
Agriculture Field Assitance
Leisila Kalsakau
Clerical Officer
Rex Tombu
AAO South East Efate
Ginney Napuaty
AAO South Efate
Mackenzie Naupa
AAO Emae
Tom Nauta
Station Hand - Tagabe (Port Vila)
Joel Kalnpel
Provincial Agriculture Officer
Charity Alick
A/PAO Extension North
Tari Molisale
Root Crop Specialist
Gaston Rory
Cocoa Specialist
Italio Bororoa
Coconut Specialist
Vari Hoso Sokarai
AAO Malo/Aore
Jocelyne Vutinakole
Clerical Officer
Obed Rovo
AAO Canal Fanafo
Bakon Riu
AAO East Snato
Edward Tavue
AAO South Santo Area 2
Jean Michel Sagan
Tractor Driver
Michael Wiria
Luganville Farm Labour
Michaella Rokorako
Office Cleaner
Geraldine Neirove
Rice Research Officer
Dilala Mahoh
AAO North Western Santo
Ileen Kalret
AAO Luganville
John Nare Tomker
AAO South Santo 2
Wari Toto
AAO Saratamata
Antoine Ravo
Peter Rush Yesul
Soil Agronomist
Mathias Bule
Information Technical Officer
Simon Leingkone
Finance Officer
Violette Masteia
Administrator Officer
Mak Vurobaravu
PAO South
Gwennet Tari
Marketing Information Manager
Elizabeth Graham
Communication Officer
Fernand Massing
Fruit and Spices Officer
Hegger Molisa
Vegetable Officer
Junior Salong
Soil Agronimist
Peter Kwari
Kava Officer
Pakoa Leo
Van Kirap Project Coordinator
Willy Morris
Tractor Driver
Vivian Gaviga
Office Assistant
Morry Wateck
Nursery Worker - Tagabe, Port Vila
Amanda Nasse
Bruce William
Honorable Matai Seremaiah
Moses John Amos
Director General

2018 Santo Agriculture Show

The Santo 2018 Agriculture show has been a success. All agricultural products were showcased during the event making the show very successful and attracts a lot of people from the four Northern provinces.

Sustainable agricultural crop production is very important for people's livelihood in terms of food security which means that people need to have food supplies available and stable to guarantee healthy living. 

 Regular farmer training is very important to equip farmers with useful skills and knowledge specifically in agriculture to help them better cultivate their farm land taking into account the importance of crop resilience due to frequent natural disasters.    

 Vanuatu has very important cash crops including kava, cocoa, coconut and coffee. These cash crops contribute greatly to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. To date there is an increase in kava production and a drop in copra production.