The root crop section looks at the production side of all the root crops such as taro, yam, cassava, sweet potato, potato, kava and etc… this section is responsible to run trials and recommend best varieties and farming practices to farmers and also run trainings on ways to plant and manage a root crop farm to farmers around Vanuatu. They are also responsible for setting up distribution plots for distributions to interested farmers or victims of a cyclone. This section headed by the all root crop specialist or officers.

2018 Santo Agriculture Show

The Santo 2018 Agriculture show has been a success. All agricultural products were showcased during the event making the show very successful and attracts a lot of people from the four Northern provinces.

Sustainable agricultural crop production is very important for people's livelihood in terms of food security which means that people need to have food supplies available and stable to guarantee healthy living. 

 Regular farmer training is very important to equip farmers with useful skills and knowledge specifically in agriculture to help them better cultivate their farm land taking into account the importance of crop resilience due to frequent natural disasters.    

 Vanuatu has very important cash crops including kava, cocoa, coconut and coffee. These cash crops contribute greatly to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. To date there is an increase in kava production and a drop in copra production.