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Talemaot Nius Leta - July 2015

Just over 3 months after the devastation of tropical cyclone Pam, cacao farmers on the island of Epi are smiling again. Epi Cocoa Farmers Association coordinator, Mr Joseph Merib says members of the association were very encouraged by the quick recovery of their cacao trees that survived TC Pam. Epi island lost over 40% of its cacao trees during the cyclone, which will need mass replanting and rehab efforts. Based on his extensive knowledge and skills in cocoa management, Mr Merib has predicted that income loss incurred by members will only be for a 3 months period after which they should expect new harvest from trees that survived the cyclone. His words now stand true as farmers are beginning to see heavy production returning to their cacao plots. An interesting fact about production on Epi is that their efficient plantation techniques and favourable field conditions have enabled their trees to bear fruiting all year round.

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